Thursday, June 18, 2009


i need to get rid of my stash

you can check out my ravelry stash page (in the trade or sell section) my rav name is knittingchick

i'm not sure exactly what else i want to get rid of...i plan on keeping my malabrigo and some of the cascade i have (stuff i've all ready made into yarn cakes)

here is my flickr set of yarn

you can leave me a comment or find me on ravelry

i've also filled a large bag with like, 40+ skeins of yarn....its a grab bag of acrylics and some other stuff....i have more yarn than i do pictures....i didn't get around to taking pics of everything....and some of the skeins i have might be partial skeins....
i should probably update my stash list on ravelry....ohwell...

so yeah, everything but the malabrio, manos, tilli thomas (i'm using it now), cascade 220, and some other random stuff, its up for grabs

Thursday, April 23, 2009

try here instead

curious about my wedding plans?
i've kind of stalled on my soontobemrsg blog
i've made a google site where everything is

so try there

on the crafty side of things...
i'm knitting bags for my bridesmaids....
square cake from
and i've got the tilli thomas disco lights and everything for it
oh shit!
i think some of my bms know this site
i'm also making one for myself
theirs in black

and mine in off white/ natural