Thursday, January 31, 2008

i think he knows.....


i think i last posted on my birthday?

and he did eventually call me and wish me a happy birthday, but i mean really, it shouldn't have taken him all day....


he's taking me to see the little mermaid on broadway!!!!! tickets still yet to be purchased, becuase the only upcoming times were weeknights, and a weekend is totally better for us....


i think he knows about the sweater

one night he was over, and he went to the bathroom and i was talking to my mom about it, i was in our backroom which opens into the kitchen where my mom was, and all of a sudded i saw his head pop through the hallway that leads into the kitches from our dining room (behind my mom)then he quickly ducked out....then a few days later, i was on the phone with him and he asked "whatcha doin" and i said "talkin to you!" and he asked if i was knitting and i said i have no knitting to do, so he said "knit me a sweater, i mean a chestwarmer" and i said "no i don't want you to break up with me"

but part of me thinks he knows...

i have more than half the 2nd sleeve to do...i weaved in all the ends, well, not all the ends...i didn't weave in where there's a color change, and i did not weave in the color or the armpit of the finished sleeve....

my new goal was valentine's day, then i changed it to groundhogs day....because he always says he'll keep me until what better than to gift him with a sweater the day he claims he'll break up with me?
am i the only one who sees the irony? is irony the right word to use here? whatever
he won't dump me then anyways
the superbowl is sunday and we have a nice high def 50" widescreen tv....i got him on that one....


that's all really

for good measure here's a pic of us on the rock boat (now if there were a real blog where i write about random shit, i'd talk about it....but alas, i post not of the awesomeness that is rock boat...i mean noone reads this crap anyways) maybe i'll post about it

Friday, January 11, 2008


today is my birthday
i've gotten all but 1 important birthday wish so far....
i haven't given up hope

i don't want to be at work
i can't tell you the last time it was anywhere near 50degrees on my birthday, or if there ever was a thunder storm on my birthday

i'm 29 now
such a waste....might as well be 30, ya know?

i have to go get a new license...which rocks because i think i'm one of the only a-holes left with the old crappy blue nj licenses....they started jan of 04, but, of course, they didn't know when, so i didn't want it to all of a sudden be the 31st and me with an expired license, so i just got it renewed...and lo and behold...the new ones were started to be given out days later it the last 4 years i've had to deal with "oh you still have one of those" on the rare occasion i was carded....

i leave for my cruise sat the 19th...i can't flipping wait....

i know i said this was just to be like a knitting blog....
so here goes
i love knitting, knitting rules...i wonder if i'll get any knitting related items for my birthday...probably not....maybe i can get the 2nd sleeve done tomorrow, doubt it....
back to work
joy of all joys

Thursday, January 10, 2008


i have finished 1 sleeve!!!!!!!!!

now i have to do the other one

that means picking up stitches

it took me a month to do one sleeve!!!

new goal: valentine's day