Thursday, December 22, 2011


i didn't realize how much i've neglected this blog
i re-named my other blog....i started invisilign in july, so the web addy is still, but instead of wedding stuff, and photography stuff, it's all about my invisilign
and even that i'm neglecting!

i really meant to try and keep up with it
and i meant to try and keep up with this too.....but i haven't knitted anything in a while and i know i was going to try and keep this all about knitting
i didn't get to finish my 365 project i started last year, so i started a new one this year in january, and i'm almost done! yikes!

i'm going to do it again.....starting jan 1st of course....maybe i'll blog about it
who knows

but, i have knitted some things for christmas.....a cowl, a slouchy hat, a couple of pony tail hats, a scarf and these cutest little tree ornaments from yarn miracle

i love them!

i made a bunch as gifts, and i'm going to make more....they're easy and don't take very long


maybe when i start the next year's 365 i'll blog about it

i really wouldn't mind being a clever blogger