Saturday, March 6, 2010

my wedding!

i blogged about the wedding with pictures on my wedding blog

now back to our reguluary scheduled programming

still de stashing

i'm reposting about the de stashing...
all the yarn i was looking to get rid of was in my car for a while, then i had to clean out my car, and then it was hidden somewhere in my parents house....i had given some of it away to a coworker....
and now i finally have the bag 'o yarn in my house, and i've gone through and updated my stash for sale/trade page on ravelry
knittingchick's ravelry sell/trade page

but i'll post here too

so from left to right
red heart soft yarn- black- 1 skein
vanna white- black- 2 skeins
vanna white- navy- 2 skeins
bernat camoulage ombres- blue frost- 2 skeins
patons classic wool merino- forrest- 2 skeins
patons shetland chunky- harvest- 2 skeins
patons bohemian- indigo indulgence- 2 skeins
patons classic wool merino- wedgewood- 1 skein
bernat cashmere natural blends- snow- 2 skeins
lily sugar n' cream- dark pine- 1 skein
patons shetland chunky- everglades variagated- 2 skeins
bernat brealla "4" afghan yarn- brown- 1 skein
red heart soft yarn- cherry red- 1 skein
caron simply soft tweed- autumn red- 1 skein
patons shetland chunky- winter moon variagated- 2 skeins
bernat alpaca natural blends- charcoalish?- 2 skeins
bernat cashmere natural blends- earth- 2 skeins
bernat alpaca natural blends- navy/blue- 2 skeins
bernat softee chunky twists- tawny twist- 1 skein
lion brand incredible- black/grey- 2 skeins
bernat softee chunky solids and marls- navy- 1 skein
patons soy wool stripes- natural slate- 1 skein
patons shetland chunky tweeds- dark forest green tweed- 1 skein

i don't remember how much i paid for them, but, we can work something out
if someone is interested in the whole lot we can work that out too....


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my medals!

i already posted the ones i got yesterday, but i just got 2 more!
so here are all my medals for the ravelympics

for my sock

for my hat

and for my frogged scarf...

Monday, March 1, 2010

i am done!

with the first sock...
and it only took me 2 weeks!

it's like, a real live wearable sock!
i could have finished it thursday night, but, i got to the point of grafting the toe, and well, i was so freakin tired...i'd never done the kitchner stitch before, and didn't want to do it half asleep...
so....i thought then, bummer that i wouldn't win a ravelympic medal for it...i mean, it was a lot of work, and it looks really good and it was my first sock! so somone from team i did, suggested that i enter it in the free dance event....this is where a project you knit doesn't fit any of the other even descriptions...and well, since i only knit 1 sock and not 1 pair of socks...i did!
and i also entered it in the cable cross country event...
here are my medals :)

sweet, no?

then friday i decided that i HAD to have at least 1 completed project for the ravelympics, so i cast on the koolhaas and i finished it yesterday

i entered this one in the cable cross country, the event hat half pipe, the single skein speed skate and the stash compulsory dance (where you've had the yarn for more than a year)
they haven't gotten thru to awarding all the medals yet, but, for this one i have already got the stash dance one

and i guess i already have the cable cross country one from the sock....

then i thought, why not knit a pair of mittens! i thought i could get them done in a day or so...but no....we went out last night, so that didn't happen...
but i still want, i'll finish those and then make the 2nd sock....
or maybe i'll finish those and start the argyle scarf for me...
or the afghan for lissa's new baby girl due in july

i'll just frame my first need for a 2nd one....