Friday, February 15, 2008

sweater curse shemeter curse part 2

i just had a txt convo with boyfriend and it went like this:

bf: i don't think i can wear this sweater to work anymore. too many people are sweating it

me: really??

bf: they are mega impressed

me: yay! is it comfortable?

bf: very and warm

me: i've got a big stupid grin

bf: i wish it was colder so i could wear this everyday

me: me too

yayayayayayay!!! he loves it!!! and he's showing it off!!!!!!!!! stupid sweater curse.....i squish you!

sweater curse schmeter curse

hi. my name is danielle and i knit a real live wearable garment for my boyfriend, who is still, in fact, my boyfriend.

poo on you sweater curse!
you are a myth and nothing but a myth and something some knitters came up with one day to try and explain why their relationship ended.....
i mean it could be true of gifting your man anything....anything from a handmade sweater to a fancy shmancy something or other....if your relationship is doomed, its should probably take stock of how things are going before deciding to knit him anything.....or knit him something smaller to test the waters.....if you knit him a hat and he doesn't wear it, who's to say he'll wear a sweater?
i knit for my man in the past, a hat (first thing i ever knitted him) he loved it...didn't take it off that whole night (not for anything!) and i knit him an ipod cozy...not sure if he uses it anymore...he did get a new ipod since then....and then i knit him a few more hats.....and he wore them all...and appreciated all the work that went into it and thought they were all great...he loves when i knit....he told me, that when/if we get married and get our own place, i get to have my own knitting room! of course, he gets to have a yankees room and a gi joe room....and after much consideration and reviewing available funds, looks like all 3 rooms will have to be the same room....ohwell....
back to the point of the post....i knit him a sweater, and he loves it! and we are still together...altho, i must say, the night before i had my doubts....but was still pretty sure the outcome would be a good one....
remember how i thought he knew? because he overheard? well, he swears he didn't over hear anything, and he swears he didn't find my blog.....and then later on, he reminded me that he kinda thought i'd be knitting him one when i was randomly taking measurements one day.....yeahhh...forgot about that....he was over, and i was knitting, had my knitting bag out and i grabbed the measuring tape....and i thought i was being slick....i didn't even use those measurements.....and then he reminded me how he asked me for one...but i kept saying "no i don't want you to dump me"
sooo then the other night, we were texting, and something came up about llamas and i said i'm using their fleece to knit you a sweater and he goes "just knit me a sweater, i can't wait to see if i'd dump you" and i go "oh i can wait" he thought the sweater curse was silly, and he's right....but it was a fun excuse to not knit him anything....
so his eyes like lit up like a kid at christmas...he was so excited....and he put it on...and it fit!!! it fit real well....the sleeves were a good length..he always seems to roll up, rather fold up, the ends of his sleeves...but i think these are just long enough....and the neck hole is big enough...i was worried about that too....and its definately big enough around his chest...i thought it'd be stretched out completely and maybe clingy...but its not!!!! its perfect!!! the only thing tho, is that its not quite a chest stripe like i had hoped it would be...its a little lower then i thought....and i go "i shoulda made it one solid color, the stripe is lower then i hoped" and he goes
"baby, its your first sweater! its awesome! i love it!" followed by how talented i am and he's impressed yadda yadda definately wear it, wear it to work tomorrow yadda yadda
without further ado
front and back....i was sitting flash cuz when i do i get like, little spots? i don't know if its something on my flash or something on the view thing (technical term, i know)
see?? i don't know what those spots are its a bad angle...makes it look like he's got some flattop hair action thing going....
and ugh! it bothers me where the colors change!!! why would the pattern call for the new row to start in the front!! fine, i know, i shoulda gone with my gut instinct and started the new color under one of the armpits..i know i know.....
and one more gratuitous shot 'cuz he's sooooooooooo cute! and the sweater looks awesome
i think he's wearing it right now as i type!! altho its supposed to be like, 50 out, so i don't know if he'll think its cold enough.....

Monday, February 11, 2008


i'm bored

i went with my friend lissa the other day to get her tattoo covered up....(looooooooooooong story, but, to sum it up, she got a tattoo similar to this "friend" she had, who ended up sueing her for half a mil, and so she decided she did not want to have this reminder anymore) and i thought i'd bring a little something to knit....i had finished the sweater (huzzah!) but i wouldn't have wanted to bring that with me....
so i searched ravelry for something little and fun and decided the willy warmer, because really, what willy doesn't need warming....and granted i knitted my man a sweater already for the v-day, why not a sweater for his, ya know, willy....
yeah yeah i KNOW! i have to finish keri's armwarmers! maybe i'll have them done for her birthday this year....i had one done for her birthday last year....
anywho...i started with the willy warmer and, well, umm...i don't know if it'll be big enough?
yeah....tmi whatever!

speaking of my man...he had picked up the comic life program for his mac...because he thought maybe we could make up a comic book for my neice and nephew about our fam trip to north carolina, but we never got around to it....then he thought we'd make up some knitting comic book...where i'd be the heroine....and the name of my store would be nelly's knits....or knelly's knits...ya keep with the brother in law calls me nelly, and so my nephew (can't quite say his l's right) calls me nenny and now my neice is starting to call me nenny....on the random occasion she calls me anything....and ya know....i wish i could have a real yarn store....i know nothing about yarn like all real yarn store owners do...i just want to own a yarn i can knit all day....and play with the yarn.....i'd hire people to work for me who actually get guage and understand what kind of yarns can be substituted for each other...and who can finish off garments well and who can seam sleeves....see, i'd need to hire these people so they can help me with it all....cuz ya know, i don't know any of that shit...i just want to hang out in a store full of pretty colorful yarn and do chill on ravelry or read or knit! ya know? and i'd definately call it knelly's knits...or deedle's needles...but i think the later would make people think i sell like, sewing stuff maybe, or just needles....i don't won't happen though....
come to think of it though, one of my friends wanted to open a coffee shop years ago....maybe i should try and talk her into that again and we can make it like, a knitting/coffee shop....she had this location in mind anyways and she was going to give me the top floor for like, musicy stuff....but i think i'd rather turn it into a yarn store..... *mental note* must talk to cory about this...hmmm...but no....she's making good money where she is....if i was making good money where i am, i wouldn't be thinking about leaving....what? i don't know
i'm just bored and felt like rambling instead of doing my boring work...

i brought my sweater in to work today to show it off....and everyone is very impressed, saying how talented i am....and really? yeah i'm impressed by it.....but i guess they're impressed by it because they don't knit, so they're impressed by it the same way i'm impressed by other knitter's who do amazing intarsia and stuff....i don't know

next thing i knit after i finish keri's armwarmers that is, is either socks or a sweater for me...oh shit! i told bf i'd knit him a red bulls scarf....ah crap....fine i knit him the scarf then i knit me a sweater....good because i have 2 on my list that are short sleeved...i have to decide if i want to use the reccomended yarn or use something else....b/c they don't sell either at my lys (which is having a sale this week) but i think they sell it at another one i have yet to go to? i don't know

i ramble
ramble ramble ramble

2 hours left of work...suppose i should be productive

Saturday, February 9, 2008


it's finally done!!!!

a little less than 2 months late, but its done!!!!
(ok fine, i have to add one of my labels, but its done)

so it is now a valentine's day present.....i was going to get him something else, like a new watch or something, but.....i don't want anything detracting from the awesomeness that is the sweater!

after much turmoil (omg could that pattern have been any more confusing???)
i've got 2 and a half skeins left of the mc, and less than a skein of the cc....
all ends weaved in

the only thing, i thought i could fix where the colors started/stopped, but you can kinda see....i did the joggles thingy, but, whatever....its minor...not the end of the world....nothing that ripping out would accomplish....also, the bottom rolls up....after doing a purl bind off on the collar and sleeves, i realized i should have done the same on the bottom....but...i kind of like the way it looks rolled up....

right now all i want to do is call him and tell him, but i can't....i have to wait til thursday
i hope it fits...
i think i will cry like i've never cried before if it does not fit
no joke
it fits me...but like, big and loose and its not stretched with the ribbing, it should have more give...and it should fit him....

wait? what? you wanna see pictures?

oh ok..... :)

folded up and ready to go!

i used a strand of the camel color to mark the back of the sweater...i don't want to ut my label there incase it irritates him....sometimes i don't like clothing labels...i think i'm going to fold it in half longways and sew it into the side of the sweater towards the bottom....

omg yay!

i knit a fucking sweater!

how fucking awesome is that?????????????

Monday, February 4, 2008

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bein from jersey yo...gotta represent!
yeah yeah ny giants, but their stadium is in new jersey....
i don't care much for football, but, my dad sis and bro in law love the giants....and the bf hates the yeah. GO GIANTS!!!!
and even tho i don't care much for football, that doesn't mean i can't appreciate an exciting game when i see one...i mean omg! did you see eli getting pulled everywhere yet still get out of it to pass and then the other guy catch it with his helmet? what a pass! and then that one touch down? and then the last one to win it? holy shit! could he have been more open then that? like i said..i don't know much nor do i care much about the game....i try....but a year of being forced to watch while in marching band kept me from enjoying any little part of football.....
so i think i've seen 2 games the whole season....yesterday and then the playoff giants game a couple of weeks ago while on the oh and i had just finished saying how that kicker is going to be FIRED and then he turns around and redeems i said....not a huge fan, but i can most definately appreciate an exciting game......

but, it also would have been a great time to get the sweater finished!
i was working on it saturday night and when i woke up in the morning, but, like, i had to stop because lou was coming over...i have about a foot left? i have 90 sts....have to go down to 56, decreasing 2 sts every 4 what, 68 rows left? then switch and do an inch or so more? i can definately get it done by v-day

i brought up the cruise again....suppose i should 'splain
the rock boat is only the greatest thing ever in is, in a short explanation, the greatest rock festival ever! not only is it the greatest, its on a boat, how awesome!
its this cruise with sister hazel and like, 20-30 bands/singer.songwriters on a cruise ship...cruising the carribean playing music all day....seriously, what could be greater then that? the first one i went on was in '06, their 6th cruise....and i only went on it because of glen phillips who was/is the lead singer of the greatest band ever, toad the wet sprocket......and it was awesome! we got to go snorkling with glen at playa del carmen mexico...i mean really, how awesome is that? and i got to meet a lot of people i had known for a while, but only was great.....then in '07 i took one of my bestest friends to go....there was no glen, but still some bands i liked.....better than ezra, ingram hill, collective soul, cowboy mouth, and of course sister was fun, not like the first year though.....but it was fun spending time with my friend who i hardly got/get to see, and it was good to see everyone i had met the year before.......and then there's this last one i went to, rock boat 8.....well, i hadn't planned on going, but there was quite a rumbling going on at the glen message boards about maybe, just maybe toad being on the boat! (they broke up in '97, but did a couple of reunion tours since) and omg if the're on the boat, i'm so freakin there! so they were confirmed, and my room was booked....and then, my bf came with me! how awesome! i had so much fun with him...just chillin in the room or laying out or just wandering the boat....and it was the first cruise he had been on, and it was the first time he heard toad in concert....he only knew a few of his songs (like most people, all i want, walk on the ocean, fall down...) and he really enjoyed them! and that really means a lot to me....and what means even more to me, i went to see one of glen's solo sets, and when it was done, i turned around, and lou was there :) he came to see the end of his was really sweet.....

now to bring this back around to knitting.....i know he won't dump me when i give him this sweater....i just hope it fits....and that its still cold enough to wear when i give it to him.....

omg, the best part of the cruise? when brenna asked me about guage for her was awesome....she knits weird though :P