Monday, February 4, 2008

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bein from jersey yo...gotta represent!
yeah yeah ny giants, but their stadium is in new jersey....
i don't care much for football, but, my dad sis and bro in law love the giants....and the bf hates the yeah. GO GIANTS!!!!
and even tho i don't care much for football, that doesn't mean i can't appreciate an exciting game when i see one...i mean omg! did you see eli getting pulled everywhere yet still get out of it to pass and then the other guy catch it with his helmet? what a pass! and then that one touch down? and then the last one to win it? holy shit! could he have been more open then that? like i said..i don't know much nor do i care much about the game....i try....but a year of being forced to watch while in marching band kept me from enjoying any little part of football.....
so i think i've seen 2 games the whole season....yesterday and then the playoff giants game a couple of weeks ago while on the oh and i had just finished saying how that kicker is going to be FIRED and then he turns around and redeems i said....not a huge fan, but i can most definately appreciate an exciting game......

but, it also would have been a great time to get the sweater finished!
i was working on it saturday night and when i woke up in the morning, but, like, i had to stop because lou was coming over...i have about a foot left? i have 90 sts....have to go down to 56, decreasing 2 sts every 4 what, 68 rows left? then switch and do an inch or so more? i can definately get it done by v-day

i brought up the cruise again....suppose i should 'splain
the rock boat is only the greatest thing ever in is, in a short explanation, the greatest rock festival ever! not only is it the greatest, its on a boat, how awesome!
its this cruise with sister hazel and like, 20-30 bands/singer.songwriters on a cruise ship...cruising the carribean playing music all day....seriously, what could be greater then that? the first one i went on was in '06, their 6th cruise....and i only went on it because of glen phillips who was/is the lead singer of the greatest band ever, toad the wet sprocket......and it was awesome! we got to go snorkling with glen at playa del carmen mexico...i mean really, how awesome is that? and i got to meet a lot of people i had known for a while, but only was great.....then in '07 i took one of my bestest friends to go....there was no glen, but still some bands i liked.....better than ezra, ingram hill, collective soul, cowboy mouth, and of course sister was fun, not like the first year though.....but it was fun spending time with my friend who i hardly got/get to see, and it was good to see everyone i had met the year before.......and then there's this last one i went to, rock boat 8.....well, i hadn't planned on going, but there was quite a rumbling going on at the glen message boards about maybe, just maybe toad being on the boat! (they broke up in '97, but did a couple of reunion tours since) and omg if the're on the boat, i'm so freakin there! so they were confirmed, and my room was booked....and then, my bf came with me! how awesome! i had so much fun with him...just chillin in the room or laying out or just wandering the boat....and it was the first cruise he had been on, and it was the first time he heard toad in concert....he only knew a few of his songs (like most people, all i want, walk on the ocean, fall down...) and he really enjoyed them! and that really means a lot to me....and what means even more to me, i went to see one of glen's solo sets, and when it was done, i turned around, and lou was there :) he came to see the end of his was really sweet.....

now to bring this back around to knitting.....i know he won't dump me when i give him this sweater....i just hope it fits....and that its still cold enough to wear when i give it to him.....

omg, the best part of the cruise? when brenna asked me about guage for her was awesome....she knits weird though :P


Brenna said...

you forgot to mention that we knitted like 3 stitches and talked knitting on the boat!

mickey said...

omg! i totally want to go on a rock boat!!!!!!!!! i love all of those bands that you said played on the cruise! haha i'm such a concert addict, but i've never done cruise concerts!! a new frontier!

ooo congrats on being so close to finishing that sweater. i want to try making a proper sweater one of these days but i dunno if i have the patience or attention span, lol. and i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it does fit your bf and that it's still rainy and cold in a few weeks : )