Saturday, February 9, 2008


it's finally done!!!!

a little less than 2 months late, but its done!!!!
(ok fine, i have to add one of my labels, but its done)

so it is now a valentine's day present.....i was going to get him something else, like a new watch or something, but.....i don't want anything detracting from the awesomeness that is the sweater!

after much turmoil (omg could that pattern have been any more confusing???)
i've got 2 and a half skeins left of the mc, and less than a skein of the cc....
all ends weaved in

the only thing, i thought i could fix where the colors started/stopped, but you can kinda see....i did the joggles thingy, but, whatever....its minor...not the end of the world....nothing that ripping out would accomplish....also, the bottom rolls up....after doing a purl bind off on the collar and sleeves, i realized i should have done the same on the bottom....but...i kind of like the way it looks rolled up....

right now all i want to do is call him and tell him, but i can't....i have to wait til thursday
i hope it fits...
i think i will cry like i've never cried before if it does not fit
no joke
it fits me...but like, big and loose and its not stretched with the ribbing, it should have more give...and it should fit him....

wait? what? you wanna see pictures?

oh ok..... :)

folded up and ready to go!

i used a strand of the camel color to mark the back of the sweater...i don't want to ut my label there incase it irritates him....sometimes i don't like clothing labels...i think i'm going to fold it in half longways and sew it into the side of the sweater towards the bottom....

omg yay!

i knit a fucking sweater!

how fucking awesome is that?????????????

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