Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i'm ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that says it all i believe!

the boy proposed in disney world on wednesday night, 9/10 at the california grill restuarant at the was perfect....

our reservations were for 9:30pm...and this place is at the top of the restuarant and they have observation decks to see the we got there at 9 to see the fireworks, and so we went out on one of them, but it was too crowded, so we went to the other one....and we watched the fireworks and it was awesome...and then finally everyone left, and we were taking pictures of ourselves
and looked out over the magic kingdom, we could see cinderella's castle, but it was too dark and foggy (it POURED earlier in the day) but space mountain was right there
so after all that, we were just cuddling up next to each other standing there, waiting for our table to be ready, and he asked me "did you make a wish?" and i said "yeah, but i can't tell you, cuz then it won't come true...did you make one?" he said "yes, but i can't tell you either" and then he said "oh, i think we're buzzing" so i moved so he could get to his pocket with the buzzer, pulled it out and said "oh, i guess not.." and then reached back into his suit jacket and said "but...i do have this" and he pulled out a ring and got down on one knee....and according to him, i leapt about 5 feet in the air and about 3 feet back...and i started freaking out and crying and he was telling me how much i mean to him and how much he loves me and will i marry him...and what seemed like forever, i said "of course!" and he stood up and we hugged and kissed and hugged and said i love you and he then said (after a while of doing that) "so, can i put it on you?" and i said yes and he slid it on and all i could think about is if it will fit and is it too hot are my fingers swollen and fit perfectly! (so i may or may not have told him what size i am....just for the sake of making sure it fit when i got it...i didn't want to not be able to wear it right away ya know) then after lots of crying and love you and hugging and stuff our table was ready...and we could barely concentrate on anything...the restuarant took pictures for us,and just emailed to us....

it was a great disney vacation....and an amazing ring!
he designed it himself...i knew he wanted to pick it out, but i knew he'd be nervous if i would like i had, randomly dropped hints, maybe not so subtly, but i let me known i do not like yellow gold, and i like the princess cut, and i just want simple...just one will do...oh, and i'm a size 8....and...he did wonderfully! its the most amazing ring i've ever seen...its almost as if it were made just for me! (yea well, i know it was really made just for me, but you know what i mean) its perfect...he's perfect....i can't wait for the wedding!
and NO we have NOT picked a date yet! but we are hoping for fall 2009!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

its done!!!

i finally finished my rusted first sweater for me! 2nd sweater ever...i hope i don't break up with myself...

took me a while to finish it, but my goal was to finish it before disney world. we leave a week from today, so i'm good...

again i reiterate what i have said about my hate for picking up stitches.....HATE IT!!! i can't seem to get it right....this time i seem to have a ridge inside which is making the neck line kind of fold out....but its not that noticable when wearing it....which is good....

so yay its finished....what? you would like to see more pictures? okay
the pictures in the post before before, taken from my phone camera i think indicate the color better....its a little too shiny and bright from my real camera....i'm not a bright kinda person most of the time...

altho this one doesn't look that bright...

and this one looks a little too dar

and here you can kind of see what i mean about the neck...the sleeve kind of does it too, but not really...after binding off the bottom, i realized i bind off too tight...its a good thing i didn't switch to the smaller needles like the pattern called for to do the ribbing...i kept with size 7 through the whole sweater...except i learned my lesson and for the sleeves (which i prefer not to be too snug thank you very much) i used size 8 to bind off....for the neck as well...

this is me wearing it...

and here we have the full outfit...i had purchased the skirt before i even started the sweater, but i purposely bought it to wear with my rusted root....i think it looks cute...

this is me wearing it...

and now some more random pictures for you

Sunday, August 17, 2008

knitting lessons...

so, yesterday was my bff's son's first birthday party....and whilst at her house i found a stack 'o stuff i believed to be i knew? one, there was a supersized box of fun dip....and ya know, i love fun dip, and i had asked her once does she know where i could get some, because like an idiot, i forgot michaels and ac moore has it...but she found a box at bj's and bought it for me, also on this pile was my "i am sam" dvd that i loaned her eons ago, and well, now she's giving it back...and last but not least was this tin bank, that said on it "i'm savin' up for knitting lessons" that made me know for sure, that it was for me....this is like, one of the awesomest things...

this ^ is the picture on the front and the back of it

this^ is where the money goes in

this^ is one side of it, and below is the close up..

it says "i need half a gram of wool and quick! i'm starting to come down..."

and this ^ is the other side of it....its blurry and part on the top is scratched off..

but i believe it says "ever fantasized about knitting your own work (of art)? or instantly whipping up some winter mitts and a matching scarf? don't fool yourself. it's gonna take some serious money to learn how. That's where we come in with our easy-to-use magic wool fund (tm). we'll have you savin' up before you can holler 'knit one purl two!' You love wool? that's your problem. our problem is helping you find the funds"

and then underneath that is a government warning: sharing knitting needles can be hazardous to your health!"

how freaking awesome is this??????? best.present.ever. i told her i'm going to put money in it, when i get enough for a good skein i'm going to use it to knit her a scarf or something....

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

and now for something a little different....

i know i haven't posted anything lately and really, does anyone even really notice? does anyone read this? ah whatever....all i've been doing latey is working on my rusted root...i gots some progess pics on that one...
hooray that it looks like it fits!!!

since that one picture does not make for an interesting blog, i have decided to bless everyone with my sister's talents.... was my neice's 2nd birthday, and yesterday was her grand sister outdid herself again....the theme was princess....and the cake, was a castle...based on courtney's little people toy castle...(which i have no picture of...boooooooo)
this is the cake
and here's another front shot
and here's a close up of the unicorn....oh, did i mention this is the first time my sister used fondant? and she actually made said fondant!
and here's the back
(and of course, a pic of the neice and nephew!)
how awesome is that cake? oh, and here's some cupcakes she made too
oh, and how can i forget my mom's cookies! her sugar cookies!
DSC01412 DSC01411
oh, and her little cake for her real birthday

oh what's that you say? what other masterpices has my sister put together? ok, we'll go backwards to jake's first birthday...
next we have jake's 3rd birthday...theme was, dinosaurs...she made 2 cakes for this one, one for his real birthday and one for his party...they were pretty much the same

then, before that was courtney's 1st birthday...theme was the beach...yet another awesome awesome cake...
she also made cupcakes, but i don't have pictures of those....

now we have jake's 2nd birthday...theme was airplanes...

and the whole thing that started it all......jake's first birthday...theme is football...

so yeah, these are my sister's awesome awesome cakes...and apparantly she's got something up her sleeve for my 30th...i can't wait...

oh yeah!! she also made these cute fishermen's hats for the kids favors for the party...i got one too
they're child yeah...a little small for my head

Thursday, May 22, 2008

pictures of stuffs....

ok so, what did i write about last time....the lovey?
i finished the lovey, but i don't have any really finished pictures...i did 2 inches of each color was a little smaller than i thought i'd make it, but carly said it was a good whether or not it's helping courts sleep, no idea....they call it stripey...

so then i started on the stegasaurus for the jakes...omg worsted weight on us 3's give me crampy hands :( sad face...but it came out a lot cuter than i took me about a week or so, but that's cuz i didn't see louie much that i had time to knit it...the body part took me forever, and the seaming wow took me forever....

so i told him i go, "jakey, i have a surprise for you! close your eyes" and i go to open the door to upstairs becuase i have it on the stairs and i give it to him and he's all excited!

and then courtney covers her eyes...opens them and goes to the stairs...and i go "ohh noooooooooooo! ok i'll start yours today...." and asked her what colors she wanted and he said "peeenk and wewwwo"

so since this picture, i've done the other 2 legs and the gusset...working on the other half of the body, and the spikes....which will be yellow....saw louie more this week....
i always wanted an awesome super terrific boyfriend, but, didn't realize how much that cuts into my knitting time!

but he's not that bad...
look what he brought me

i like carnations (white) and the daisies (purple) and the sunflowers (omg please don't tell me i have to tell you which ones they are)
and here, just because i love the macro and my new camera and the fact that it takes awesome pics without the flash in the iso:


and now me in a gratuitous (omg spell check anyone?) shot of me in my rav gear

yeah my boobs look huge! (its the angle...and the uber padding....)