Thursday, May 22, 2008

pictures of stuffs....

ok so, what did i write about last time....the lovey?
i finished the lovey, but i don't have any really finished pictures...i did 2 inches of each color was a little smaller than i thought i'd make it, but carly said it was a good whether or not it's helping courts sleep, no idea....they call it stripey...

so then i started on the stegasaurus for the jakes...omg worsted weight on us 3's give me crampy hands :( sad face...but it came out a lot cuter than i took me about a week or so, but that's cuz i didn't see louie much that i had time to knit it...the body part took me forever, and the seaming wow took me forever....

so i told him i go, "jakey, i have a surprise for you! close your eyes" and i go to open the door to upstairs becuase i have it on the stairs and i give it to him and he's all excited!

and then courtney covers her eyes...opens them and goes to the stairs...and i go "ohh noooooooooooo! ok i'll start yours today...." and asked her what colors she wanted and he said "peeenk and wewwwo"

so since this picture, i've done the other 2 legs and the gusset...working on the other half of the body, and the spikes....which will be yellow....saw louie more this week....
i always wanted an awesome super terrific boyfriend, but, didn't realize how much that cuts into my knitting time!

but he's not that bad...
look what he brought me

i like carnations (white) and the daisies (purple) and the sunflowers (omg please don't tell me i have to tell you which ones they are)
and here, just because i love the macro and my new camera and the fact that it takes awesome pics without the flash in the iso:


and now me in a gratuitous (omg spell check anyone?) shot of me in my rav gear

yeah my boobs look huge! (its the angle...and the uber padding....)

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