Sunday, July 20, 2008

and now for something a little different....

i know i haven't posted anything lately and really, does anyone even really notice? does anyone read this? ah whatever....all i've been doing latey is working on my rusted root...i gots some progess pics on that one...
hooray that it looks like it fits!!!

since that one picture does not make for an interesting blog, i have decided to bless everyone with my sister's talents.... was my neice's 2nd birthday, and yesterday was her grand sister outdid herself again....the theme was princess....and the cake, was a castle...based on courtney's little people toy castle...(which i have no picture of...boooooooo)
this is the cake
and here's another front shot
and here's a close up of the unicorn....oh, did i mention this is the first time my sister used fondant? and she actually made said fondant!
and here's the back
(and of course, a pic of the neice and nephew!)
how awesome is that cake? oh, and here's some cupcakes she made too
oh, and how can i forget my mom's cookies! her sugar cookies!
DSC01412 DSC01411
oh, and her little cake for her real birthday

oh what's that you say? what other masterpices has my sister put together? ok, we'll go backwards to jake's first birthday...
next we have jake's 3rd birthday...theme was, dinosaurs...she made 2 cakes for this one, one for his real birthday and one for his party...they were pretty much the same

then, before that was courtney's 1st birthday...theme was the beach...yet another awesome awesome cake...
she also made cupcakes, but i don't have pictures of those....

now we have jake's 2nd birthday...theme was airplanes...

and the whole thing that started it all......jake's first birthday...theme is football...

so yeah, these are my sister's awesome awesome cakes...and apparantly she's got something up her sleeve for my 30th...i can't wait...

oh yeah!! she also made these cute fishermen's hats for the kids favors for the party...i got one too
they're child yeah...a little small for my head


Anonymous said...

wow! your sister is really talented! what a cute niece and nephew you have!

sash said...

1 holy crap, your sister totally takes after your mom in the yummy goodies that look amazing department.
and 2 holy crap, your knitting is phenomenal!!
you know i use the throw you made me all the time, right? well, not now cuz it's summer and 346 degrees out, but as soon as it goes back to like 80, i'm totally pullin it back out. :)