Sunday, August 17, 2008

knitting lessons...

so, yesterday was my bff's son's first birthday party....and whilst at her house i found a stack 'o stuff i believed to be i knew? one, there was a supersized box of fun dip....and ya know, i love fun dip, and i had asked her once does she know where i could get some, because like an idiot, i forgot michaels and ac moore has it...but she found a box at bj's and bought it for me, also on this pile was my "i am sam" dvd that i loaned her eons ago, and well, now she's giving it back...and last but not least was this tin bank, that said on it "i'm savin' up for knitting lessons" that made me know for sure, that it was for me....this is like, one of the awesomest things...

this ^ is the picture on the front and the back of it

this^ is where the money goes in

this^ is one side of it, and below is the close up..

it says "i need half a gram of wool and quick! i'm starting to come down..."

and this ^ is the other side of it....its blurry and part on the top is scratched off..

but i believe it says "ever fantasized about knitting your own work (of art)? or instantly whipping up some winter mitts and a matching scarf? don't fool yourself. it's gonna take some serious money to learn how. That's where we come in with our easy-to-use magic wool fund (tm). we'll have you savin' up before you can holler 'knit one purl two!' You love wool? that's your problem. our problem is helping you find the funds"

and then underneath that is a government warning: sharing knitting needles can be hazardous to your health!"

how freaking awesome is this??????? best.present.ever. i told her i'm going to put money in it, when i get enough for a good skein i'm going to use it to knit her a scarf or something....

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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