Friday, January 11, 2008


today is my birthday
i've gotten all but 1 important birthday wish so far....
i haven't given up hope

i don't want to be at work
i can't tell you the last time it was anywhere near 50degrees on my birthday, or if there ever was a thunder storm on my birthday

i'm 29 now
such a waste....might as well be 30, ya know?

i have to go get a new license...which rocks because i think i'm one of the only a-holes left with the old crappy blue nj licenses....they started jan of 04, but, of course, they didn't know when, so i didn't want it to all of a sudden be the 31st and me with an expired license, so i just got it renewed...and lo and behold...the new ones were started to be given out days later it the last 4 years i've had to deal with "oh you still have one of those" on the rare occasion i was carded....

i leave for my cruise sat the 19th...i can't flipping wait....

i know i said this was just to be like a knitting blog....
so here goes
i love knitting, knitting rules...i wonder if i'll get any knitting related items for my birthday...probably not....maybe i can get the 2nd sleeve done tomorrow, doubt it....
back to work
joy of all joys

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