Friday, November 2, 2007

1 down....kinda

so, i decided to knit for christmas right?
for coworkers and aunts, because i never know what to get them, and to be honest, i'd rather not get them anything at all (at least the coworkers that is....)....and i have a whole bunch of yarn in 2 skein quantities that really aren't good for anything but yeah....

i started a couple a couple of months ago, just to get a head start and to give me something to do at my boyfriend's while he was playing video games or editing some videos for work....problem is i kept starting new have 3 scarves on needles, and 2 where i know the yarn i want to use, but no idea how to use it (not to mention said boyfriend's sweater....oh and did i mention he asked me to knit him a scarf??? told him it'd have to wait til after christmas, altho he only thinks i have the scarves to knit....)
*breath* anyways
i decided the other day i needed to finish one thing so i feel like i can accomplish this feat in time (last year i was finishing up everything the day i had to gift them....and i only knitted like 3 things and they were a hat, a scarf and legwarmers, oh 4 things, and a dog sweater) so i decided to finish up the my so called scarf for my boss lady.....and i think i have a few rows left...i fell asleep last night knitting...sooo i think i can finish it off....then i think i'll finish the basketweave scarf in the bernat bamboo for my cube neighbor....she's little, so the scarf doesn't have to be that long, i think i've got a few feet done, and she's not even close to being 5' tall herself, so, i think a 4' scarf might be good....we'll see.....then i'll either cast on for my other aunt's scarf (i think i have an idea what it will be, but i know it will be in the patons sws in natural geranium....i only have 2 skeins in the same dye lot, and its hard finding a good pattern for that with only 2 skeins....but i think i found one) or else i'll finish my other aunt's argosy that i started in the plymouth encore colorspun....its awesome kinda variagated kinda not blue/grey....the scarf is coming out narrower than i thought...but it moved along quite quickly that i think that's my other cube neighbor coworker, i don't know...maybe i'll use up the rest of the vanna's choice i have in black or i was going to use the bernat camo i have in blue frost....either way, i don't have a good pattern for that...i was thinking of one i've used before that calls for bulky yarn and size goes quick, so if i hold 2 strands together i'll be good, and there are yarnovers, so if i use the black it'll still be interesting, b/c ya know, black doesn't really show cables or nice stitches....
but i really need to work on the sweater too!
i have time...i have time i do...
i was thinking of gettig some chinese food containery kind of things to package the scarves...yay or nay?
oh snap!
my other coworker....she loves the drop stitch ribbon scarf i made myself....i do have some blackish incredible yarn that i can use to make her one...that'll be quick...but what i really need to do is finish her armwarmers i started a year ago....i'm so close to finishing them....
hi my name is danielle and i need help with time management and knitting
i also ramble alot
and i wouldn't be surprised if noone is even reading this, and that's ok
i enjoy typing and rambling and its fun for me

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