Saturday, February 13, 2010

let the games begin!

so this year, i've decided to take part in the ravelympics....
the knitting olympics....
ravelry has set up many different events, that you can knit a project for...
i've always wanted to knit socks, so, i thought, why not!
i'll finally get my clessidra socks that i've been drooling over....
and i just bought some malabrigo sock yarn for the occaision....w00t
so, the point is to cast on during the opening ceremonies and then finish your projects by the end of the olympics so you can medal....i'm very excited

oh, i forgot i just blogged about that....ok then fine

i cast on my 76 stitches on my size 1 dpns with my sock yarn....yikes! my big man hands are having a hard time with it! i got to the end of the first row of ribbing, and the last 2 stitches slipped off :( boo
so i took it all off, and re-cast on.....lost a stitch somwhere in the middle, but recovered....and made it through the first row, and then did the 2nd....etc
i love knitting in the round, but, ribbing is very tedious to me....esp on such small needles.....i haven't gotten much done, but i only need to do an inch more, or maybe less, i didn't measure it....
this is what i had after 2 rows

haven't gotten much done since then....well i did, but, we'll see
i woke up "early"
830 is early for me
and i'm sitting here with my pink snuggie and my needles and my yarn logged into ravelry watching the live coverage

and now there is a commercial for knifty knitter? wtf?

ok, back to my real knitting!

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