Monday, February 8, 2010

wow....its been a while, a lot has happened since i last posted, no?
i got married, did you hear?
i wish i had some fancy neat professional pictures of my square cake bags, but, alas, i do not
they came out great though, and all the girls used them, and ilissa still uses hers
i left mine in the bridal suite all much for carrying it around to put the cards in...
(i will post some pictures on my

wow. wait
june was the last time i posted anything???
well, i hope to get back into the knit of things, and post more knitting wonderfulness

this year is the year of the winter olympics, and with the olympics now brings the ravelympics....which, this year i have decided to take part in....because, well, i really want to knit something
i finally brought most of my yarn (only the 'good' stuff, ya know, the lys stuff, not the acrylic stuff from michaels) to my house....still a good amount at my folks, but, whatever....
picked up the my so called scarf i was working on,
and realized i have 3 skeins of the, since i'm only about halfway through the first skein, i think i might frog it and make something more substantial, but, i don't think i can get a sweater out of only, who knows.....or maybe i'll make the clapotis with it....i was going to make the clapotis with the 2 skeins of the manos silk blend that i have
but maybe i'll knit something else with that
problem is, i don't know what
i'm also going to, dare i say it, knit my first pair of socks!
i saw this pattern, clessidra , and well, the ravelympics are about challenging done socks before....i'm exited!
i went and got this eggplant color malabrigo sock yarn
i'm dying to knit with it already! ugh!
oh well, i suppose i should explain the raveylmpics
its a ravelry thing....where you cast on during the opening ceremonies, and then there are different category events, that you can knit projects for, and you have until the end of the olympics to knit them
i want to knit 2 hats, the socks and the clapotis
i'm going to start with the socks, and then go to the clapotis
i can knit hats with my eyes closed in a night, so, i will wait and do those last if i have time
luckily i am off on presidents day so i can spend all day knitting, and we'll probably only spend valentine's day at hooters (long story, but cute)
or i can just knit the hat now
now i have to find a pattern to use the manos silk for.....

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