Monday, February 22, 2010

this is the sock that never ends...

yes it goes on and on my friend, i sorta started knitting it not knowing what it was
and i'll continue knitting it forever just because....this is the sock that never ends...

how i ever thought i could finish a pair of knee socks in 17 days be beyond me....and how anybody let me think that too for that matter....

i am on day 11 of sock knitting, and i JUST turned the heel last night! i'll be lucky if i finish this ONE sock before the end of the olympics!

if i had picked a normal height pair i'd be on the 2nd one by now..or even just a plain knee high sock....but noooooooooooooooooooo i had to go and pick a knee high sock with this crazy cable pattern and seed stitch....cuz i know i'm a slow knitter...esp when it comes to knitting and purling in the same row!
my mom taught me to knit, and the first words out of her mouth were "it may not be the most proficient way, but this is how i do it...."
so, i'm not proficient, and i'm slow

but, i must say, i've become very good at picking up dropped stitches....that's for sure
UGH! i can't even tell you how many times i dropped a stitch or 2, or 3 (or
but! i can tell you,and point out, how many times i've screwed up...but then again, if i didn't screw up, it wouldn't be something that i knit....

i should have just stuck to normal socks


i do love the way it is coming out though, mistakes or no
and, i can fit it up over one of my calves at least....
why oh why would tall big footed me decide on making knee highs within a time limit

who knows
so yeah, i just turned the heel last night, and i feel a great sense of, now it looks more like what it is supposed to be, instead of a leg warmer or some sort of tube of knitting....

here are some pictures
(i haven't taken a picture yet with the heel)

i didn't get to knit on lunch, so hopefully i will get some pictures taken tonite with the heel...and hopefully some of the foot...i think i have about 10 more rows to go before the foot?

it started to go faster after all the decreasing, because there are less stitches....and i started to memorize the pattern...hopeully that will help when doing the 2nd sock

i hope i don't fall prey to sss....

the ribbing at the top is tedious to me....and the seed stitch is killing me

but, this will not stop me from ever knitting another sock again!
i will do plain just knitted around knee socks...or short normal heigh socks....
but turning the heel was actually quite fun...i enjoy doing short rows...wish i had more patterns that called for that...

i wish i could knit during work, i'd be able to get the socks done before the end of the olympics...i didn't nearly get as much done this weekend as i had hoped...we had a surprise visit from lou's sister on saturday, and i had a lot of laundry/ironing that needed to get done yesterday....but at least i was able to watch the first season of pushing dasies!
and lou watched an episode with me, and then later inquired why they cancelled it...good question louie, good question...

alright, back to work!

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